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18th July 2003

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#1 16 years ago

I have an idea for an objective map but ne to know were to get the information to execute it.

First the information on the objective: Location: Camp Perry, OH

Objective: Capture of atomic bomb componets.

Goals Axis: To infiltrate Camp Perry which also happens to be a POW camp, to capture the componets to a secret wepon, and to divert attention of the guards by creating a breach in the fence surounding the POW encampment.

Goals Allies: To prevent at all cost the theft of componets to a secret project in a railway car, and to prevent overal breach of perimiter of the military reservation.

Needed Information: Layout of Camp Perry during latter part of WWII. Information of interrior and exterrior of buildings as most buildings from that time have been either demolished or have greatly deterriated. I also live around in the area so hard copy information sources are welcome.