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21st June 2002

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#1 17 years ago

Hi, was wondering if somebody can quickly tell me how to edit the weapons damage for sp rtcw. I am a big fan of realism and want to edit sp for realistic damage. This is what I had in mind: Luger, Colt 100 damage, one shot kill. Mp40, thompson 35, 50 ..3 shot kill, 2 shot kill. Mauser....100 damage...sniper scope....100 damage M1 Garand...100 damage Fg42 100 damage Knife 100 damage Mg42, 100 damage Basicaly everything else one shot kill.

Note: Pistols do more damage bc of a higher muzzle velocity. ex..Mp40 muzzle velocity= 805 ft/sec..Luger = 1150 ft/sec.

Is it possible to mod what I want to do? and how can I do it? thanks


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#2 17 years ago


actrully i would like you to know that - realistically - muzzle velocity is LESS of a factor in lethality. i know this for a fact, i worked at midsouth guns and ammo for a year and my father was a gunsmith.

a more diciseable factor in lethality is bullet cicumference(for instance the .50 caliber desert eagle and the .44 Magnum) in other words, the higher caliber, the deadlier the bullet.