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#1 2 years ago

A continuation of the previous thread from the old GF: http://gfarchive.filesnation.com/forums.filefront.com/death-star-130/index.html

I'm looking forward to giving it a re-watch now it's out on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Also, I still find BB-8 adorable. And I am still sad nobody got me one for either christmas or my birthday. So screw those guys, right?

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#2 2 years ago

Better damn special effects than the prequels, that's for sure. In this one it felt like people were getting hurt, walloped and wiped out. BB-8 was fun without being too beepy and squeaky or anything like as bad as Jar-Jar. If BB-8 were real, I would have feelings of paternal affection toward BB-8. Together we would roll across a hundred strange and interesting worlds. Teen Vader was all right, but not all that threatening as a villain.

And it had Unexpected Bond in it, too. All in all, could have been a lot worse. What was that ending shot, though? Bit of a weak one, what?


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#3 2 years ago

I enjoyed it when I saw it in theaters and liked it even more once I got the BluRay version.

It isn't my favorite Star Wars movie (that is Empire Strikes Back) but I really liked it.

I applaud the use of so much practical effects, it went a long way to making it feel more real. The CGI was fantastic and used in the correct ways.

I didn't mind that it took so much from A New Hope either.

I'm also on the side of the people who actually got the point they were trying to make with Kylo Ren and think Adam Driver nailed it.

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#4 2 years ago

I've never been a huge Star Wars fanatic. I enjoyed the original trilogy -- and I think, because I was a kid -- I enjoyed the prequels in the same way the older generation loved the originals. Hell, get rid of jar-jar and recast older Anakin, and I think they are fine.

The Force Awakens was exactly what I expected it to be for me. Neither mind-blowingly awesome or terrible. Just a good star wars film.

The hard part for me is reading those extended universe books all those years ago and having to ignore them now.


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#5 2 years ago

I like the movie. Really; but it's safe. It's so safe, it can be logically inconsistent. I like the cast, I like the themes, I like the visuals and the overall aesthetic. Upon rewatching it, its similarities to EpIV didn't bother me nearly as much as they did the first time (I liked it more than I did in theatres). In looking for actual problems with the movie, I'd have to nitpick a lot.

Except for one thing that really bothers me; what exactly is the political and social structure of the New Republic? The movie wants to much to be like the Original Trilogy, it makes no sense. The Rebellion had to fight the Empire, it made sense. But this Resistance is backed by the government and they go up against what's essentially a terrorist group that's for some reason so ridiculous powerful and well-staffed, it could built a giant planet-sized weapon under the Republic's nose. I guess it's not a huge issue in the movie itself, but it really does bother me in regards to continuity.

The only thing I can say is that I would have liked to see more of the aftermath of Return. The galaxy was supposedly freed then, but this entire story never really shows the scale of the world it exists in. It's smaller than it makes sense for it to be. Still, I liked it and there's a lot of potential for future movies.