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12th September 2006

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#1 13 years ago

first off ... if you haven't ever seen a sw fanfilm go check out ... i for my part can only recommend it ... is now around for quite some time i'd say ... and have gathered a nice collection of movies ... ok, they're not all star wars ... but even non-sw movies are of good quality ... if not better :D :naughty: ... here's my personal list ... Batman - Dead End batman is searching gotham for the joker who recently fled from arkham asylum ... and he is abou to find out that not only he but aswell a predator and a few aliens are sweeping the city aswell -- non-sw of course :D ... but somewhat incredibly good made ... especially the predator costume Broken Allegiance 2 apprentices of vader escape the captial of coruscant and attempt to hide from him ... of couse vader gets himself some help for this one ... in this case a very special bounty-hunter ... not one of the best ones, but effects are neat :rolleyes: Contract of Evil 2 sith brothers preapare for the ultimate battle agains young Darth Maul ... i think we all know who's going to make the run :D ... a bit slow but well choreographed fights the Dark Redemtion one of the first fanfilms out there ... following the storyarc of how mara jade fell to the dark side ... looks crappy at some scenes ... but then again it was '99 Grayson batman ist dea ... and dick is about to get his costume back on and find his smiling-clownfaced-killer ... with a little interlude od the justice league ... one of my favorites :smokin: Jabba on the Dais a parody of "Falco's - Rock me Amadeus" song ... quite funny Jedi Hunter parody of steve irvins (RIP) crocodile hunter series ... including a bad-ass boba fett who shares his knowledge of capturing and killing jedi :naughty: :D :D KnightQuest darth vader is about to find his old friend ulic-cinn and his 2 new apprentices ... giving them the chance to either join him or die ... i think we all know where this is going ... on of the better ones, with anice space battle at its finale Sith Apprentice parody of Donald Trump's reality show "the apprentice" ... kick-ass :cool: Troops parody of the american reality show "cops" ... made by the "501st Blacksheep" if i recall correctly IMPS - Imperial Military Personnel Stories made by the same guys who did "troops" ... untill now they have only released chapter 1 (of6) ... but this is by far the best fanfilm i've ever seen ... you can find it at ... phew ... that is now quite some list ... ehh? so tell me do you know any of them and/or have you ever been part of a fanfilm productuion or are you planing to! i for my part have failed to qualify myself for production of the upcoming TYDIRIUM flick :mad: :smokin: :D



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4th August 2006

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#2 13 years ago

Fan films are hot.

Ryab Weiber has made well choreographed lightsaber fights, and helped to pioneer the fan film SFX that are commonly used.

He even worked for Lucas Arts for a while.

Myself and a couple of others are currently underway with making a fan film, with future projects planned.

Most of them will be SW inspired, some with a SW type story, others without but will most likely have lightsabers in them.

A good SW/Real Life cross over is "3 in the afternoon" and its upcoming sequel should be just as entertaining. (I think that was its title).