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25th April 2007

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On this thread there will be a quiz, with 10-20 questions on it. [COLOR=red]DO NOT[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]post your answers [/COLOR]on this thread. To answer them send me a private message that looks like this: (name) 1: (answer) 2: (answer) 3: (answer) and so on, but you must PM me the answers, this is just for fun to see who is a true star wars fan. I will add a different quiz every week or so? Other Info: : please try to spell everything the best that you can : no putting down really stupid answers, like jar jar (unless it really is answer) : and I will PM your score back to you If you have any other questions please PM them to me, thanks :) this is the first one, so it will be easy.... QUIZ 1 Subject: The Galactic Empire 1. Who was the leader of the Empire? 2. What is the Empire's main army unit during the galactic civil war? 3. What is the Empire's most comon fighter during the galactic civil war? 4. When was the Empire created? (year) 5. What is the Empire's largest land unit? 6. Who was granted limited power over darth vader? 7. Which bounty hunter almost killed Vader? 8. Which was the largest standard Imperial Ship? (not super star destroyer) 9. Where is the Empire's capital? 10. Who are the loyal gurads of the Emperor?