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#11 16 years ago

yeah i saw that.... man it sucked...

"I have to say im a little dissapointed that Lucas is directing the entire 1st season"

your right... he should be directing the whole thing, moron.

as for your ideas...

Grand Moff Tarkin Dantooine When Han Solo and Chewbacca and Lando Calrissian meet

horrible ideas, using new younger acters to portray these people would kill it, you would need the original actors... and thats not going to happen, so anyone who is a character of importance in the trilogy should be left out, unless digitaly imputed into the film as a background character or something that wouldnt get TOO much attention... also im still fucking pissed they redid the whole deathstar creation thing, it was originaly always been a creation of moff tarkin, along with other super weapons, and it was constructed in "the maw"...

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