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25th April 2007

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#1 7 years ago

I'm currently making a map for Star Wars Galatic Battle grounds, and its based during the great war (as seen 50 years before the events of the game SW:TOR) I havent got much work done on it yet, but its basic theme is...

- This mission is set in the early days of the sith invasion of republic space, around the same time as the new "Returned" trailer that just came out. You play as a Czerka freight Pilot (who also happened to be a soldier in the Republic Army before the war began) who was just doing his days work when the sith showed up and attacked his home world in a suprise attack. His ship was shot down in the cross fire, now as the player, you must make your way to the republic base to either get off the planet or help defend it.

This will be a full scale. nicely done music with plenty of "triggers", story line, costom sounds and music. There will also be some cut seens and a but kicking opening intro (I hope)!

The big wow factor I hope will be that the Republic forces stationed on the planet will be the 501st. This way I can create a cool history for "Vader's Fist" long before the Clone Army was created (much in the same way that the United States armed forces work, in time of need like World War 1, 2, vietnam, ect, when the army grew they didnt create new divisions, they went back and resued the names of ones no longer in use. So thinking like that, I tought it'd be cool to give the 501st some history. I'd asume that after the evetns of SW:TOR were all said and done, the 501st division would be retired, only to be re-activited in time of war much later, like in the Clone Wars)

So, if anyone is interrested in playing this let me know, or else I guess ill just be making this for me? No mod packs will be needed, and any extra files that you'd need would come in the download and I'll post a link here when its done!

-alittle feed back would be nice, like if anyone is interrested in playing this lol, or suggestions you have?