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#1 12 years ago

Jorus C'Baoth was a powerful Jedi who forced his will upon others so that there would be peace. He was insane, and went over to the Dark Side.

Karen Traviss is a good writer who has indirectly (and occasional directly) contradicted *a lot* of other existing sources, especially in regards to the Clone Wars era. She has also released some rather aggressive statements towards frustrated SW fans who have confronted her about these contradictions. Plus she came up with the idea of killing off Mara, which did not go over well with TZ fans, nor TZ himself or the model who portrays Mara.

"We are the Jedi, the ultimate power in the universe. We will do as we choose. And we will destroy any who dare stand in our way." -Jorus C'baoth

"Because we bloody said so, that's why!" - Karen Traviss

Has Karen Traviss gone over to the Dark Side?