Ways to Destroy Lucas Arts (SW Style) -1 reply

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18th January 2006

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#61 15 years ago

send the Yuuzhan Vong or if you just want the buildings destroyed some gammoreans would work good too.


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#62 15 years ago
Fir`en Darkhaven We could be quick and just hire an assassin. Give him a BIG gun, tons of bullets, and you're good to go.

just give me 100,000,000,000,000 timebombs


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6th February 2006

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#63 15 years ago

about we have jabba eat em and send the remains to the rancor and then feed the rancor to the slaarlaac ( dont know how to spell it) so the bodies acnt be recovered :) hehehe o btw what did they do? lol

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7th December 2003

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#64 15 years ago

Some original ideas but it's degrading to spam.