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#1 18 years ago

[COLOR=orangered]theres a error that says on when i put the speakers in it say target_speaker without a noise key ast (-1328 180 1144 help plz plz i just need that and i now how to make a spider man map make a box outa ladder from common the make a texture just outside of it :) you can clim on the roof and i need this help today[/COLOR]


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#2 18 years ago

I am about done trying to help you here. you need to define a wav for the target_speaker to play. unpack your sound folder from the pak0.pk3 and place it in your main folder. This will give a good reference to connect sounds to a target_speaker and allow you to hear them to see which one you like.

so an example would look like this classname: target_speaker Key: noise value: sound/world/amb_crickets.wav

make sure to check looping unless this is just a on time play sound. This will make crickets chirp in the background. make sure you volume is up as RTCW sounds seem to play not so loud at times.