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23rd April 2003

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[color=blue]Who you to love CTF .. SOF1 WE had world champions , i joined honk kong .. we fought NL , USA .. i still have my world awards on floppy .. then sof2 was a gg ...ah yep takes me back catch the flag ... pentium 111 128 mg ram ..1999 ..see if these upload n still work for fun Ian :p [/color]i think all the awards an gifs that were animated like medals swinging ,are just a red X now bummer .i was quit good at the game ..I was the guy with 1 eye . I wore a patch on my eye ... the infraview might work jpg.. ..the rest are in tga format soz file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/McKinnon/My%20Documents/HK%20CLAN%20MEMBERS%20CTF-TOP%20100%20-Please%20take%20a%20look%20__.htm file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/McKinnon/My%20Documents/my%20stars%20and%20awards.htm TRY THIS LOT :cya: Deadeye