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20th May 2003

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#1 15 years ago

BATTLEFIELD VIETNAM - INTERVIEW WITH DEV Interview with a Battlefield: Vietnam Lead Developer:

Quote: Hello, could you please introduce yourself to our visitors and explain what exactly is your part in the BF Vietnam development team?

Aj: My name is Armand "Aj" Marini. Everyone calls me Aj. I'm the lead designer for Battlefield: Vietnam Did you, before or after you decided to set BF Vietnam in the Vietnam War scenario, take a look at the Eve of Destruction Mod to see how they realized to place Battlefield in Vietnam?

Aj: We had chosen Vietnam as the next theater of Battle shortly after we began production of Secret Weapons. We had a full team working on Secret Weapons and a core team laying the foundation for Vietnam. We spent a lot of time looking into ways of recreating the feeling of Vietnam because a change to the content wasn't good enough for us. We wanted a new set of features and within a few weeks we had a set of requirements in place to make a convincing Vietnam experience as well as requirements necessary to make a worthy follow up. We were almost two months into pre-production when we first heard about Eve of Destruction. When we took a look at it, it confirmed to us that going to the extra effort of creating an entirely new game with new rendering features and environmental features was the best choice. Surely, helicopters are the most anticipated vehicles in BF Vietnam - the success of the helicopters in Desert Combat is a good indication for that. Was Desert Combat a source of inspiration for the helicopters in BF Vietnam? Can we expect a similar handling?

Aj: The Battlefield vehicle system was never intended to be used with helicopters. We had looked at trying something similar with vertical take off (VTOL) vehicles in Secret Weapons, but the system did not allow for an acceptable level of control. The Desert Combat helicopters are the best attempt I've seen at trying to adapt the BF: 1942 system to be used in that capacity, but the issues of control and accessibility still exist.

We wanted a helicopter that was useful in a true helicopter sense. It had to hover with pinpoint accuracy, fly backwards, fly sideways, and airlift. It had to be immensely versatile and as easy to control as a tank. The BF: 1942 system didn't allow for any of those requirements. A new physics system was created for the helicopters and we are extremely pleased with the level of playability we've achieved. You can place it exactly where you want it to be.

In our early tests we've already seen aerial combat with helicopters. It's like watching two boxers in a ring. Each helicopter faces the other, counter rotating, firing missiles, and dodging each other's attacks. It's completely different from anything that can be done with the BF: 1942 system. Talking about the helicopters in Desert Combat, their success also introduced a big problem: Lots of team killing at the helicopter spawn points. BF 1942 does a good job in fostering team play, but does not much to prevent anti-teamplay like that spawn point killing. A good solution is the vote system of Enemy Territory: After you are killed by a teammate, you can decide to start a vote to kick him, in which all other users have to participate. Will we see some kind of teamkill prevention in BF Vietnam?

Aj: There is a voting system in place so players can be voted out if they take part in "anti-teamplay" tactics. Of course, there is a downside to everything. Many players like playing with friendly fire, but they get upset when a teammate kills them. Accidents happen and friendly fire kills are often just a part of battle. We've all seen scenarios where one player feels a team kill was unjustified even though the kill was completely unintentional. I've seen players voted out even though they didn't do anything wrong in the sense of battle.

All in all, there is only so much we can do to encourage people to play cooperatively. We have confidence that the nature of the game play in Battlefield Vietnam will encourage more team play. We changed the control point system now. It takes far more time for one player to take a control point, but that time drops with each teammate that comes to assist in the capture. The more friends you make on the battlefield, the more success you'll have. Is BF Vietnam heavily based on the code of BF 1942, or did you more or less reinvent the wheel and wrote a new engine from scratch ? In that context, what does BF Vietnam mean for Mods? Start from scratch, too?

Aj: We didn't completely reinvent the wheel, but the game is completely new to a great extent. Some systems are carryovers, but most of them have been modified. As I mentioned above, the control point system is one that has been changed and there are many more systems that have been changed. The rendering engine is new and everything the player sees in game has been created using new systems and methods.

As far as what this means for Mods, I can say that to a fair extent, Mods will need to be recreated in order to work with the BF Vietnam system. The handling of BF 1942 is quite arcade-like - surely one of the reasons for it's great success. Nevertheless, Mods like Forgotten Hope that want to introduce more realism are highly anticipated. What can we expect from BF Vietnam: Same handling like BF 1942, more realism, or even more arcade-like?

Aj: There is an old saying "be careful what you wish for because you might just get it". Realism is always a relative term. The fact of the matter is that if the real world were fun, we wouldn't have games. Take a helicopter for instance. In the real world, it takes hundreds of hours of training to be a competent pilot. Should the game require players to undergo hundreds of hours of training before they are allowed to use a helicopter? Of course not.

Since it is a game, there is a degree of ease needed to allow players to utilize the features of the game. If people would like the vehicles to require more skill to use, then less people will use them. Our main goal is to make a game that is accessible and fun to play. The vehicles in Battlefield have fairly realistic behaviors; they just aren't as realistically difficult to master. Many upcoming shooters will feature a realistic physics engine. In BF 1942, the explosions of vehicles with some debris flying around and bouncing off the ground show that there already is some kind of physics engine, but it is mostly used for effect and doesn't influence gameplay. Are you planning to extend that in BF Vietnam, so maybe one can get kills by blasting some big rocks at the side of a hill that then roll over the enemy?

Aj: Yes we have some booby traps like that. We are going to position them for optimal effect within the level.

That degree of physics has always been in Battlefield. The issue is that with such a dynamic game, you tend not to be in the precise location required to get the ideal effect. I've been killed by flying debris of all sorts many times. I can recall one game in Secret Weapons where a player was shooting at another who was positioned on the second floor of a building. The first player fired a grenade into the second floor window; it bounced off the wall, then down the stairs, then onto the floor. The explosive force of the grenade threw a motorcycle into the air and it flew over and killed the player who initially launched the grenade. It was quite comical, but also a chance occurrence. If the game were more linear, we could guarantee player positioning so that trap would occur every time. Battlefield does not have limits like that. Players and vehicles come at you from every angle. A lot of times players are killed by our great physics engine but they never know it. Will houses and other objects that are static in BF 1942 be destructible in BF Vietnam?

Aj: We feel that the environment needs to remain consistent in order to be a reliable and dependable arena of combat. Think of the feeling you get when you try a new map. You're always a little tentative and unsure of where to go or what to do. Imagine that feeling throughout the game. Every time you enter the game, you would be lost. Players depend on the world objects to be able to find their way through the game. Can we expect another BF sequel, and if yes, in which scenario will it take place?

Aj: I'm afraid we cannot comment on possible future games. Let's just say we love developing Battlefield games and obviously gamers love playing them! Also, we would like to thank all BF players out there for your support and devotion of the game!


Also check out the additional screenshots!


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#2 15 years ago

im lookin forward to BF: Vietnam..... i just hope it isnt a cpu hog or nothin with all this new stuff


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#3 15 years ago

cool, a vietnam addon pack for BF1942. :clap: :cheers: :clap:

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#4 15 years ago

addon? its a whole new game

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17th November 2003

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#5 15 years ago

Yes a lot of ppl thought it was an addon :) Whole new game and engine

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#6 15 years ago Will houses and other objects that are static in BF 1942 be destructible in BF Vietnam?

Aj: We feel that the environment needs to remain consistent in order to be a reliable and dependable arena of combat. Think of the feeling you get when you try a new map. You're always a little tentative and unsure of where to go or what to do. Imagine that feeling throughout the game. Every time you enter the game, you would be lost. Players depend on the world objects to be able to find their way through the game. WHAT A FRIGGIN DORK!! I'm sure people would like to see destrutable buildings, trees, ect., in a patch!!! "Oh, but then they wouldn't know where they are(starts crying)..." It's called "The Chaos of the Battlefield"(no wordplay intended), I mean, SERIOUSLY, what is the MAP there for??? EYE CANDY!?!?! I DON'T THINK SO!!! So what if the building's collasped? Use the rubble to hide in(but make sure that game's code ensures that flags are still FULL accessible), and continue fighting!!! After all, all you REALLY NEED to know is WHERE the flags are! Oh, and FINALLY implement "Tunneling system" I saw screenshots of for BCV!!!!

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#7 15 years ago

Dude. We Need Destroyable Buildings, That Would Be So Cool!!!