Bind error, how to prevent it? and I want a log file, how do I do that? -1 reply

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#1 15 years ago

On my BF dedicated server I keep getting a BIND error. After a while the game stops working and on the server it self is a windows popup with a error called: BIND ERROR ASEhost.dll After pressing OK the game starts running again and you can play again on the server. I installed BF 1942 dedicated server several times but eachtime the error keeps coming back, also I installed it on a different PC but on that PC I got the same error. (the server is latest version)

I am asking 2 things:

-How can I disable this error, ASEhost stands for All Seeing Eye I believe, is there a way to disable this function so the error stays away?

-I want a log file of the server, maybe the log file can tell me more about how this error occurs. BF makes a log file but only is about 4 lines with NOTHING in it. What is the command line I should enter in the startup of the server so it starts logging all events?

I hope someone could answer soon.