desert combat turned into a lag fest? -1 reply

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24th May 2003

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#101 15 years ago

DC .7 release is going to be mostly optimization!!!!

Yay! This thread will be needless, and we'll all be gladder for it!

I think they will be putting in new stuff, just not as much as usual thanks to the optimization.

I am a HUGE DC fan, and believe me I feel your pain. I cant play Urban Siege, its impossible for me, its THAT bad, and I have something like 31 gigs of free space. (im stingy with my memory, sue me :D)


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9th June 2003

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#102 15 years ago

Hi, after reading a lot of these posts and numerous others on various other forums and personal experience, I realize that the sound card makes a HUGE difference on BF. For instance, I had a Sager laptop (p4 2.4b, 512mb pc2100, mobility radeon 9000 pro 128mb,...) and with the onboard sound I was getting terrible lag no matter what the settings. So after getting the advice of the forum members on I bought a Creative Extigy. I was afraid the USB connection would kill the perforance of my games, but it didn't. It helped tremendously! BF has a lot of audio effects that are processed. If you get a powerful sound card then it takes the load off the processor. Desert Combat is where I noticed the biggest difference of NO LAG. Now I have a desktop system (p4 2.4c, 512mb pc3200 dual channel, Radeon 9800 pro, Audigy 2) and that rocks. My dsl connection gives me pings at best of 11ms, so I know that was not the cause of the lag. BF is very sensitive to audio cards and I think about the only decent onboard sound processor is the nForce2 chipset. Try a new audio card, it could be what is causing all of your systems to lag!


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31st January 2004

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#103 15 years ago

Here's My Comp. Pentium 4 ht 2.6 ghz with 800 mhz of front side buss Intel Mother Bord D865PERL corsair 512 pc3200 ddr ram runing at 400mhz Nvida Geforce 4 fx 5200 128 mb of ddr ram at an agp slot Maxtor 80 gb hard drive 7200 rpm and a 8mb cache sound blaster aduigy 2 24 bit sound card 56 k modem Sony dvd Player/cd rw 48x24x48 Memorex cd rw 52x24x52 Flopy Black Meta Case With See throught on the left side See Throught Fan On Left Side 2 Neon blue lights on front 6 usb ports 1 firewire port Joy Stick Port 6 pci slots 2 empty cd bays 1 empty flopy bay And Windows XP Pro And i Never Lag In DC. And i run on a v92 56k modem. Thats My Comp :type: