External Soldier View, How To in 1.2? -1 reply

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CE Xanatos

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1st July 2004

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#21 16 years ago

I would like to get this to work in 1.6! What am I doing wrong? I put it in the archives folder, could someone pleeeeeeeease help me! My AIM is CE Xanatos Email is [email]cexanatos@yahoo.com[/email] Please help me out!


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4th July 2004

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#22 16 years ago

Hey, Idiots, look at the Genre name: FIRST PERSON shooter. Not third person shooter, the whole point of FP is that you dont know EVRYTHING that's going on around you, and that's part of the gameplay, but, of course, if you're such a pansy that you cant even walk a character without being in third person, then I guess you aren't even worth my time.


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8th February 2003

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#23 16 years ago

Fair play, it aint a cheat

Even if the person could see over a wall or obstacle, hes still got to switch to 1st person to kill him

Spectators are in 3rd person, its exactly the same as having someone on TS or Vent telling you where everyone is while looking over something..

I know alot of skinners and modders that run their games with 3rd person all the time, I consider it as a luxury making you viewing a skin or mod you've done easier, if you think its a cheat, play in the pure servers where no-one can use it