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now i will never sleep again

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3rd December 2002

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#1 16 years ago

Right! heres my specs p111 933mhz gigabyt mobo gf2ti 64mddr ram(cheapy but smooooth)(180aus$) 320MB sdram yamaha xg192 soundcard 56k modem(!)(swansmart speed demon). Win98se 29.42 dets ok SOUND= sound at 11khz lower evry thing here i dont use hardware accl. VIDEO= on low again(lol)But with veiw at 100% gf set for best preformance so on.... Modem=comPort1 settins at 57600,MODEM settins at 104000 stick too 32 or less rooms in your home country and it is blo#dy smooth,so dont let cableguys git to ya glhf

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