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Wild west mod of RTCW

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23rd April 2003

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#21 16 years ago

well iam giving every member who ever helped me , made me laugh, was kind an gave me karma :lol: they will see it clocking up , but pinching them , i dont understand ,:confused: , but ill go give it a go ,,, all my freinds , who did the smallest thing for me are going to be the big winners ,, ps you all know who you are ,starting with EL DRAGON :lol: :cya: later my freinds , gonna spot ya real hard >:P :spank: Deadeye

Biggus Dickus Advanced Member

I would die without my life.

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19th January 2004

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#22 16 years ago

[Spam]Hey! Congrats to our new mayor! 1,200 posts! w00t![/Spam]


I'm very active here, eh?

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11th February 2004

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#23 16 years ago

he is Mayor :spam: but I still love him .cheers Win:beer:


I didn't make it!

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#24 16 years ago

[spam] Yeeehaaaw Major, huh, well, gob, sigh, hmmm, congrats sir!! [/spam]

Hfx-Rebel Advanced Member

AzH owns my ass

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15th March 2004

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#25 16 years ago

way to go mayor...congrats on your new position! ummm, 1st rounds on you, right? :beer:


Pierce the Heavens

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27th January 2003

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#26 16 years ago

W00! Congrats Deadeye! :Party2: Here I'll buy you a beer! Cheers! :drink:



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24th March 2003

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#27 16 years ago

On the user cp page it says I have a total of 323 points, but I only had 40 points showing up by my avatar. My question is Which one of you varmits stole my points?:D :spank: How can you tell how many you've accumulated, been stolen etc...?:confused:

El Dragon

Wild West Mod

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25th June 2003

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#28 16 years ago

woot, seems the Wild West Moderator level got ommited from this points scam thing (as I can't seem to see anything for me) lests keep it that way :D