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23rd April 2003

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#1 16 years ago

Gday peeps , we have a new dude down under who was only buskin last year, well if ya like hard drinking slide guitar, with attitude , give john buttler trio a whirl , sure you wont be disapointed ,, the guy , works that bottle kneck slide .something cruel.with great lyrics about cuttin all our trees down ,, any one got some good tunes pass em on here PLEASE:smokin: 1 song titles 1..better man 2 tree,s 3 pickapart 4 attitude 5 earthbound child 6 treat your mama 7 zebra 8 busted there all really good .... cheers 4 some good tunes , JOHN BUTTLER TRIO if ya like slide guitar with attitude lyrics :deal: Deadeye:cya: