How to make Pure/Unpure server? -1 reply

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23rd December 2002

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#1 16 years ago

I'm new at running a server. Usually I just start a locked one and play coop with my friend. Since I've gotten the 1.4 patch with Merciless 4.0, he has trouble connecting. He gets the message "Data differs from server". We both have 1.4 and MC 4.0 installed and nothing else. He has to try around 10 times before he can join. I've seen that MC 4.0 is not compatible with Pure servers, so how can I make sure I'm running an impure server?


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25th August 2002

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#2 16 years ago

Ive never used it but if you open the dedicated server in your EAgames folder and hit the advanced tab youll see a checkbox marked "Content Check". I imagine that checking the box will create a pure server.