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5th March 2003

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#1 17 years ago

I have been experimenting with different configurations and installation patterns on my desktop. This involves Formating the hard drive for a fresh start each time. I am on my 4th proceedure this week and have noticed a glitch with Intel Application Accelerator that has not happened before. Perhaps I haven't used the 2.23 version till now. After installing IAA I lose all my video drivers.... gone... phhttt! The computer reverts to 16 color, 4 bit (man, I forgot it exists) and shows no drivers on the Video Adapter or Monitor, both gone. I even had a bit of trouble reinstalling the drivers because XP doesn't like my "Unsigned" 42.92 version. Hmmm.... maybe that's the problem.... but no, I believe I had the 41.09 drivers in the first time this happened. Has anybody else had any similar trouble?? Is anybody running the 42.92 with problems? Now I'm wondering if I should have IAA installed at all.

What say ye?