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#71 12 years ago
Owen;44997No, my box was uncheckable, that is why I posted that I could not check it. I know about the pages in the menu so that was not the problem. It ended up being a driver issue as the Default Windows XP Drivers for the Audigy from the Windows Update Site did not allow the box to be checked. After downloading the latest drivers from Creative's site, the problem has gone away.

I believe that happens when the game doesn't think your sound card has hardware acceleration capability. It happened to me a long while ago when I used a Philips sound card, even though the card stated it had hardware acceleration.


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#72 12 years ago

Hey I am new here but not to new to gaming and I have experienced the lag everyone talks about in battlefield 2. But as a far as I can tell sound quality has not made a diffrence not onboard or hardware issue at all or sound quality battlefield sounds the same through my system either way high settings low settings it doesnt matter now it probably does create lag at higher levels but thats because your giving up ram all I can say is get more ram and everything will work fine.Update all drivers too always helps.And I think if you start using pci slots for cards your giveing ram up there too.


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#73 11 years ago

I also am getting really laggy play with BF1942 (original & Secret Weapons). I just got a new computer too, it ran better on my old piece of crap! This computer runs very high graphic intensive games perfectly smooth, but it can't handle BF1942? :confused: Is it an issue with Vista? The computer is new like I said, with all the new drivers.

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