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30th June 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Howdy everyone im new with the Battlefield1942 Files but not new with Battlefield, and i was wondering i take a large amount of time to load maps sometimes 10-20 minutes (or 2 times threw the song)my computer is realiitively new pentium 4 (pardon my ignrance i dont know much about computers) 128gb or something 56k soemthing else im not sure what kind of VC i have but im told its a geforce which is apperently good, and i was wondering if there was anyway i could change setttings to allow faster loads of maps.

Thanks for your time.


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23rd June 2003

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#2 15 years ago

i have a P4 and i have no problem, load times and everything is way better than an athlon xp, maybe your hard drive isnt good or it prolly needs some defragmenting, or u have all sucky stuff, or bios isnt set up right, my comp only takes like 5-15 sec to load up on internet game, and 10-30 sec on creating my own, my brothers athlon 2200+ takes at least twice as long if not more to load a map up and its especially laggy on his, o and forget the bogus stuff about proccesors doesnt really matter, just buy something fast enough, i hate it when people are athlon this, man sick and tired of it, who cares, its all really a marketing scam, but no matter what you should be pleased with anything, P4 or athlon


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3rd April 2003

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#3 15 years ago

another reason could be you don't have a lot of ram. what are your system specs (processor speed, ram, and video card)?


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20th May 2002

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#4 15 years ago

Hi St_anger,

Really helpful US(RANGER), NOT.

I have an Athlon 2400+ and am always one of the first two or three into any game, perhaps your brother needs to look at his setup!

The big thing with loading maps is memory, St_anger, if you have 256Mb RAM loading maps is going to take a long time, with 1Gb ram mine flies, a fast hard drive helps too, but not as much as more mem.

Another thing that can slow you map load time is texture loading in your vid card. You say a GeForce - but there are many models, right fromt he very first GeForce 256 with 32Mb Ram (sucky big time) to GeForce FX5900 with 256Mb ram (great) and also integrated models like the GeForce2 MX400 of GF4 MX440 (they also come as seperate vid cards) - and it matters big time what you have, if your vid card has 32Mb ram it will slow you down a lot. You really need to find out what you have to get any proper help, maybe it's all listed in your invoice?

128gb or something

This is suspect. There are no 128Gb HDD's so it looks like you have 128Mb memory, which is way too little for BF and would result in excruciatingly slow map load times - this is probably the cause of your lengthy wait.

So the probably solution is, heaps more memory.

If you do manage to get more info on your computer please post it here ASAP.

have fun

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