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27th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Is there any way to shorten the loadníngtimes when you load a map. For me it takes about 2minutes...that is waaaaay to long for a game.

Sometimes when i am playeing on a server and it is time for mapchange i don´t get into the server untill the tickets has decreased with 30!!!

I know that it helps to defrag your HDD but is there any other way to make it load faster???

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2nd November 2002

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#2 15 years ago

For me it takes about a minute or 2 to load a map. What people keep saying is that you need more RAM. I've got 256. Double that amount and it should take less time. Other than that I havent got a clue what to do. I could sure need some tips too.:)


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27th November 2002

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#3 15 years ago

I got 512 megs of ram

takes bout 30 seconds to load most maps

system: Pentium4(R) 2.53ghz 512 Megs of SDRAM 333mhz PNY Geforce 4 Ti 4400

Game Settings

GFX: Medium Effects: Low Texture Quality: 60% View Distance: 100%

and yes i like big framerate


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20th May 2002

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#4 15 years ago

More ram - yes I want more RAM!!!!

512 is optimum. Also one thing many ppl miss is the texture size. If you have 64Mb video card reducing the textures to 16bit will speed up loading. Haven't bothered myself, most games I get into in time to catch up with the others, cept Stalingrad the other day, where the allies won so quickly I only got about 30 seconds play, but the entire game only lasted like 2 minutes. :lol:

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29th December 2002

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#5 15 years ago

ok i only have 256, but it maps load in genearally under a mintute cuz of a lil thing i found....im running xp..so these are xp instructiongs..but go to. control panel, and then switch to classic view (on the left) and click on system. in the system window (which'll pop up eventually, click the tab labeled advanced, and click the settings button next to performance. another window will pop up, and in that window click the advanced tab at the bottom it'll have a section labled virtual memory. click change.. and another window'll load up.. now if you have a fairly lage hd (with a lot of free space.) you'rse set. if you have 2. lucky you. now under the list of hard drive(s) it'll say paging file for selected drive. the max you can but is 4096 for each drive, and thats memory that is taken off ur hd. so if u have 256, an set it to 4096, you end up with 4352MB page file..which is essentially your ram. remember more= better. so with that done..all you need is a good processor and it'll load much faster i have a p4 1.9gig and as i said, iget a minute max to load the maps. so..if ur not running xp, then just go to help and see how to change the page file size. it *should* help cuz i had my friend do this too and it helped him