My real(?)connection speed.Yours?no problem, just curios -1 reply

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21st November 2003

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#1 14 years ago

I have Adsl(is that 256?). At start,options, connection speed I've always had it set to what I think is one half my real downstream speed ,so 112 isdn- thinking I'm avoiding the "connection problem" message in A.Kids sticky(game runs fine rarely get that message now, thanks Apocalypse_Kid)). I went to Broadband and took the 30 second speed check. They say I have : download 1192330 bps or 1192 kbps or 145KB/sec;upload 548095bps,548kbs. They summarize it as 1192/548. I go to an empty server, ping 90 ASE says. I type `console.showStats 1 Lottsa stuff on screen, leave it up. I type `console.shownetgraph 1 get more stuff on the screen. Bottom left of screen it says sent:1.6kB/sec recvd:8.0kB/sec ping 81ms. Game is fine, but thats way less kB/sec, isn't it? . I try a full 32 people server, same ping, same commands, results same, except my recvd is 2.2kB/sec . Is it showing my "real speed" in game, or is showing me what I"ve set at start? What speed does any one else have "in game" , or is this not the right way to measure it?


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20th December 2003

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#2 14 years ago

ill test mine but im on cable