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20th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Hi, I have a problem on 1 of my bf1942 internet servers. It is the dedicated standalone serverversion v1.2 what is installed, running on a dual P3 with 2GB of ram and w2k as OS.

This BF1942 server keeps getting the following error: Bind Error ASEHost.dll

This errors comes up randomly, sometimes after 1 hour sometimes after severall hours. The BF server seems to be offline and I have to press OK on the server popup error. After presing OK the server runs normally again, then it is also "online" again. The program did not crash, just that error. I checked the con files severall times but cannot find anything wrong. The problem is that the server is co-located on the internet and hosted elsewhere, I only can acces thru remotecontroll. How can other admins get this server running again? They do NOT have acces thru remote controll and it is impossible to give it to them because the machine runs more then just this bf server. These other programs are not for their eyes. What causes this error and what can I do to prevent or fix, EA does not give any support on dedicated standalone servers.

I also wanted to LOG the server, but the LOG folder is empty, does anyone know the command which I should enter in the con file so the server keeps a log file of the game and errors? Which command is it and in which con file must I entered it?

A last question.. It is possible to run more then 1 server with the same install? I mean can I setup 2 BF servers with different setup files(con files), I cannot install 2 times the BF1942 standalone version. When I try this it first want to uninstall the first BF server.

I hope someone could help me, Thx in advanced......


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#2 15 years ago

Hi B3rt,

I have looked around and found a few minor things. The error your having can probably be caused by a number of things, but which one it is here is a matter of experimenting.

For instance, one person said they had the problem only when they had 3 or more rounds in a map, then it would happen when the map changed, when he reduced the number of rounds on each map to 2 the error vanished. That's one thing to try.

Other problems have been caused by firewalls. Another thing to try.

Hope one of these helps.

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