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17th June 2002

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#1 16 years ago

imma buy this if my money comes in that im hoping for -- what you guys think - gimme opinions on what you would use different =-- different parts etc...

although its water cooled i added a extra CPU cooler just incase i have issues with my water cooling setup -- its a backup plan lol

tell me what you guys think - gimme some opinions here thanks



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23rd April 2003

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#2 16 years ago

that total is a good price KANE .. As i have 3 pc,s in my join,t .2 started out as 98 se . that i brought of people ...that for reasons ,were moving watever.. but in the year 2000 i brought a spec built pc . not that my kids can use but my own ..its cost 22oo $ ozz... but prices have come down ,now so much since then iam buying an LG dvd burner .That does 8 different formats .burns dvd . pS2 100 $does heaps of different speeds.....ect, but ill first put in a dvd player there now 40 $ . compress the movies on the HD , then you can get the 8.7 gig cd,s to burn dvd onto them . there 10:00 $ each .like i generally build up my Pc ,s bit by bit ..but this 1 would have had 2300 $ spent on it ...there is some cheap stuff ,getting around if you know were to buy your bits best thing my best mate is a quilified he can buy whole sale :nodding: guess what Iam saying is like my yamaha speakers alone were 200 $ .. so buying little things bit by bit can add up to a lota bread. gtr 4 way fans , cpu fans 100 $ . you quickly blow out a big figure .. that package sounds neat m8 :deal: ask my wife phew !!!:mad: ps KANE heard of a programe called 110 % alcohol ? Ian :lol:


=WW=, WolfTactics

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7th December 2003

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#3 16 years ago

Cup holder and cigarette lighter....are you serious?

As for the rest I have always felt the AMD 32 bit processors are better for gaming. Also why only a 128MB vidieo card? Go 256MB instead. Im not a big ATI person...I like Nvidea better......

Just my 2 cents...


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20th March 2003

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#4 16 years ago

There's three thing's there I would chuck in the bin straight away, but thats through my own personal choice. Firstly the P4. They're okay if your into CAD or serious graphic design but otherwise they are wasted and expsensive. Secondly the ATI card, I use to swear by those cards even though you have a nice box all the way around your WW maps that was until a bought a Gigabyte board it it wasn't compatable with it so that put me off them. The Nvidia card I have now has been put in all sorts of different brand boards with no issues what so ever and it runs a lot smoother than the ATI. Thirdly the writer. Plex writers aint as good as they use to be at one time you could throw them in a system and use any burning software or brand of disc going without problems but now they tend to be funny buggers these days. Pioneer I wouldn't touch with a ten meter barge pole. The one to go for.... Sony. These things are almost bullet proof and will take most brands of disc without throwing up errors. Plex writers are a nice writer pity they've gone downhill. Reading that again your opting for a standard cd writer. I thought it was a dvd writer there. I would recommend going for a dvd writer really as the price difference won't be that much. Otherwise you would have one mean system there.


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27th January 2003

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#5 16 years ago

It looks good. :thumbsup: The LCD Monitor might be a problem. I've read that they can leave ugly slurs if you are playing a fast game. ATI Cards are good, and I've always used them, but they leave a box around the maps in Wild West, which annoys me sometimes, until I get used to it. But the odd thing is, when I first played WW, the box wasn't there, and then two days later it appeared.