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24th November 2002

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#1 15 years ago

Playing BF42 with the original sound sux, I don't no how much I can take it anymore. I really miss the sounds from DoD sound MOD. Can someone make it so I can update it with 1.2. I don't like messing around with rfa files ect. I know there is a way to make it work with 1.2 but I just suck at computer things like that. So, could someone make it easier for guys like me. CAuse I truly miss those rifle sounds :'(


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21st October 2002

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#2 15 years ago

What you have to do is get the RFA extractor from this site. Extract the sound file from you C:Program files/EA Games/bf1942/archives. Extract it all to somewhere on your hard drive C or D. name the folder sounds. Extract all the sound files to that folder. Take out the original sound file and keep it somewhere safe for backup. Now the DOD sounds just open that file and copy them all into that sound folder and when your done put that new sound folder in your C:/program files/EA Games/Bf1942. If this doesnt help then try this sound mod. IT has real tank sounds engine wise and firing sounds from a Flak88. ITs a self installer also. Hope this helps. I know how the original sounds are THEY SUCK! Except the nades i like that sound