Sapphire Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro - heelp ! -1 reply

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26th October 2002

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#1 18 years ago

I need the [COLOR=orange] [/COLOR] file please peeps !!!

[COLOR=skyblue]I cannot get ANY text at all to display on the game menus, all i see are the boxes ![/COLOR]

I checked the website of and there is a newer driver ( file, but the site is so damn slow i get download speeds LESS than 1k a sec ! and i'm on ADSL !(i've searched the net and can only find this driver on their site) It actually drops to less than 300 BITS per sec and finally times out the connection. I can't even leave it over night to download this 10mb file :mad:

I've had 2 friends try to get the file too and both reported appauling download rates, so basically if anyone has got this driver and can send it me i'd be very grateful.

PS i emailed sapphire today about obtaining the driver...oh, and about their *&@!$$!! website and am waiting to see what they say

Windows 98 Second Edition Intel P4 2.8Ghz Asus P4T533-C motherboard 512mb PC800 RDRAM Sapphire Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro 128mb Soundblaster Live


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21st June 2002

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#2 18 years ago

Yes I have the same vid card and rdram too. I had problems when I enabled either AA or AF even at 2x. I'm not sure which cause I havent tried them seperately yet. I'm running with the ATI 2.5 drivers, theyre on their website. You can use them but dont fix that problem. Try setting the drivers to "balanced" and see what happens.