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8th September 2003

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#1 15 years ago

Hi all. Im Lagggged Out man !! in S/P Mode ??

Iv just got the new SW II and installed it,, BTW I have a ATI radeon 9700 atlantas,1.6 intell,P4PE asus M/B,512 ddr ram....100 gig H/D

I can Run Desert Combat 0.39 Unreal and anything really as I am a Motocross madness #1 & #2 Freak and that game takes a bit to Run I all so make a lot of tracks for this game and do a lot of Graphic work So anyway I installed Battlefield 1942 Secret Weapons of WWII and man I am So Pissed its jumping around and lagging to the point where i can barely walk, let alone shoot. I have the Video set at 640x480 16 bit mode :(:( Bah !!! thats shit just to play a game.. So anyone here getting the same ? anyone that can shed some light on this would be Gr8.. Be cool if its only me getting it as it can be fixed then Haha !!! anyway Cheers and hope some can help with this SLOW SLOW MOD from EA,DICE... ?? lol

Desert Combat Still Kicks A$$