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20th March 2003

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#1 17 years ago

Ok, i managed to change my paging file size through safemode but BF1942 still crashes :confused: so.......I took to interagating the BIOS for answers, here is a list of setting i was unsure about...

Thing in brackets are what its current set as

DRAM Timing : (Auto) / Manual

DRAM Burst Lenth : (4) / 8

DRAM Queue Depth : (4 level) / 3 level / 2 level / 1 level

DRAM Command Rate : (2T Command) / 1T Command

Write Recovery Time : (3T) / 2T

DRAM tWTR : (3T) / 1T

AGP Aperture Size : (128mb)

AGP Fast Write : (Enabled)

AGP 3.0 Calibration Cycle : (Enabled)

PCI Delay Transaction : (Enabled)

If You Could tell me what i SHOULD have these set as please do :rock:


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20th May 2002

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#2 17 years ago

Hi (=DoM=),

Most of the DRAM stuff is best left on defaults. if it has an auto, it should be on auto. Most of it looks OK.

If you have a 64 or 128Mb Vid card your AGP aperture is best set to 32Mb, any lower and your system may become unstable, any higher gives no benefit and may even lower performance.

AGP fast Write should work with most modern vidcards and mobo's but can cause problems for particular card and mobo combinations, if it works with it on leave it, if it doesn't turn it off, you're not going to lose much.

AGP calibration cycle? Must be a mobo manufacturer thingy, I don't have it.

PCI Delay Transaction is normally enabled.

I can't remember what OS you are running, but having a swap file to large on some older OS's can cause problems, if you are setting it yourself consider setting a min fairly high (say 500mb) with no max.

Have fun

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26th March 2003

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#3 17 years ago