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#1 11 years ago

How do you ask for forgivness in Oblivion. As in like I have murdered NPC with the gray fox mask and even when I do take it off (when in the temples and alters and stuff) It says repent your ways wicked one. I even tried doing the pilgermage (sp?) quest and I just don't know what alter (to go to) or thing I have to do to redeem my character. BTW I use 115% chamelion when wearing the gray fox mask and it's really helpful when you don't want to be ever hit.


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#2 11 years ago

It's Pilgrimage ;) with a note on the 'gri'. I believe if you have any bounty at all, then you can visit the shrines; though that doesn't apply to the gray fox mask. Also, if you have more Infamy than you have Fame, then likewise, you can use alters. Try dropping the Cowl (Mask) and then trying. In order to lower your infamy without cheating, you have to have Knights of the Nine. Talk to the crazy preacher outside of the Anvil Chapel; He'll direct you to the quest you want. If you don't have Knights of the Nine, I highly recommend it! If you buy your copy from a retail store, you'll get all the custom content (Minus the most recent, Fighter's Stronghold) as well. It'll add quite a few hours of further questing to the game. Or have you done all these things?


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#3 11 years ago

I think it's the Infamy that is higher then my fame. Also I have the PS3 version so buying the new Oblivion disc would be not worth while because of Assassin creed that I am saving up to buy.