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#1 7 years ago

Had a major computer failure - both hard drives crashed the same day and I lost all my primary and backup Oblivion Mod files. I am trying to reconstruct the game but cannot locate my favorate MOD - can someone provide me its name so I can download and install it? The MOD created a two-story house with locked basement just outside the southern gate of Chorrol across the road from the North Country Stable (on the side of the road leading to the Weynon Priory). The shop was run by four female characters (Jeane, Mysteria, Ophelia and two others I cannot remember) and had one female orc guard. The MOD interfaced with the character immediately with the different characters asking questions and providing rewards (enchanted weapons, etc.) for the correct answers. The shop itself sold weapons, potions (including liquid oxygen and nitrogen), ingrediants - almost every category of item (normal and specialized) were available. The shop owner (Jeane I believe) sold the potions and was positioned in front of the Spellmaking and Enchanting alters. A unique item that was given to the character on the first visit to the shop was a set of seven chests that could be accessed from anywhere and allowed items to be stored and carried but without the weight penalty. I remember that upon entering the shop, there were six tables, arranded in two rows of three, to the left front of the character; Jeane was at the back of the shop behind a table set sideways to the initial six tables; the three sales girls (Mysteria to the farthest left) were directly in front of the character behing desks; the stairs to the second story were to the right front and the enchanted chests were at the top of the stairs. One character, Ophelia, was hanging around the open area in fron of the mage guild in Chorrol. The MOD also provide an extensive number of weapons - very powerful ones enchanted ones to good unchanted items. I though the name of the MOD included the word LEGENDARY (from the weapons provide) but I have searched all of the MODs using this name and could not find the right one. Does anyone remember this MOD? If so, could you please, please tell me its name so I can download it again. This was my favorate MOD and since the accident that cost me my legs, I find that spending time with computer simulations helps to make the days pass. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.