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#1 12 years ago

I thought it would be good for people to post what they think looks cool and to get feedback and ideas.

Also for the people who, like me, just feel like wandering, elxploring, basically not following the story line, I thought it would be good to post things that are easy for new players and hardcore gamers to get.


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27th July 2005

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#2 12 years ago

I'd do as much as you can to get the best experience.


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7th May 2004

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#3 12 years ago

The last name that I played on Morrowind, long after I beat it... I was a Uber Hax character, who could run really fast. He was a vampire, and I used a mod that allowed me to turn other characters into vampires. I then told them to follow me back to my house Wolf manor, (Great mod Btw) and built up a collection, of a hundred or so characters... from civilians, to bandits, to guards, it was great.

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22nd May 2005

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#4 12 years ago

I started off by following the MQ (it was my first RPG) then, one by one, joined the guilds and continued their missions as well. It wasn't until later in the game, when I had gained a couple of levels, that I started to really explore the caverns, side quests, etc.


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9th July 2006

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#5 12 years ago

I pretty much try to do everything I possibly can. That way I can more out of the game.