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30th December 2002

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#1 15 years ago

So, by now, I take it you've had a chance to experience the Province of Cyrodiil long enough to have a strong opinion of it. How would you rate Oblivion? Give a mini review if you'd like.

The Good: Where to begin? The graphics are incredibly detailed and vibrant. I swear I've yet to see any cookie cutter buildings, nor any redundant textures. Having recorded speech for every bit of dialogue is outstanding. The travel and quest sytem are incredibly easy to use, and quite helpful. The combat is intense, and the addition of blocking makes it really feel like you are doing something other than just endlessly clicking your mouse or pressing a button. The attention to every little detail, even on side quests most players will easily miss is really remarkable. The enormity of the world, and your freedom to do as you please is truly the core feature of an Elder Scrolls game. Some day I might get busy on the main quest, but I'm way to busy exploring and doing the endless multitude of other tasks.

The Bad: I really have trouble finding faults and then having the nerve to complain about them in a game so vast and so deep. But in the interest of being objective... It occasionally crashes when I try to exit to the desktop, but it runs flawlessly in-game. The AI is occasionally a bit wonky, the pc requirements are awfully high, and... well, that's all I can think of right now. None of these are enough to imapct how I feel about this game though, I just figured I had to add some cons.

As incredibly sophisticated as it is, I'm truly amazed at how well they've pulled it off. In my opinion, this game sets the new standard for the RPG genre, a standard so rediculously high that it will likely be unrivaled for years to come. I would really have a hard time giving this game anything less than a 10/10.

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17th December 2005

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#2 15 years ago

I gave a 9.5. I want to Roleplay as an evil character. Plus, the lack of Magickal stuff that could be added to your weapons. It just pissed me off when I had to recharge stuff.


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22nd September 2003

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#3 15 years ago

I voted a 9.5 too, the clumsy GUI and the leveled equipment being my major downsides. For both I have mods installed now though, much better GUI and atall levels elven, dwarven, ebony, glass etc equipment will still be rare and not the property of any random bandit.

The Guild, daedra and miscellaneous quests that I have done sofar were pretty much all cool to do. In morrowind alot of the quests were very tiresome and repetitive I have that feeling alot less in Oblivion. The NPC's feel much more alive with their daily schedules, combat feels like combat with recoil, blocking, different attacks and better animations and the graphics and soundtrack simply blow you away.


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19th August 2003

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#4 15 years ago

I'm going with a 9.5, too. Oblivion is a really good game, but it has some glitches and bugs, as well as gameplay issues. Luckily I'm pretty sure almost everything can either be fixed via patches, or mods.

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17th November 2003

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#5 15 years ago

9, it is a great game but I have done most of the stuff in the game.


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29th March 2006

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#6 15 years ago

i didnt vote for 1, i wanted to vote for 9 but my computer freezed and it ended up voting for 1

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7th December 2003

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#7 15 years ago

9,5 The GUI is a bit annoying. Maybe I should try out modifications for that, can you recommend some?

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17th June 2002

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#8 15 years ago

[COLOR=red]The main quest is too linear for such an open game; short and uninspired. Parts of the main quest -- especially the 'Aid for Bruma' quest -- are rather repetitive and could have used some imagination. Most of the sidequests are similarly linear, offering only a single way to complete them in some cases. There is very little requirement to actually 'roleplay' in the game aside from on a personal level; minus the main quest, you can have very little effect on the game world. [/COLOR] [COLOR=red]The vast majority of NPCs serve no purpose, often even saying exactly the same thing as the person standing right beside them. There are few to no conversation options with them, which is especially poor with quest-related NPCs. The personality mini-game is rather simplistic, unrealistic and repetitive after a time. The voice acting -- is great, and adds to the world. But they really needed to hire a few more voice actors, as the number of people who sound identical is very detrimental to the overall atmosphere. This can cause a problem of being consciously aware of the similarity, and can prevent the player from really identifying with the NPCs.[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]Though the environmental graphics are certainly awe-inspiring, the graphics of the NPCs leave a lot to be desired and certainly aren't the best around -- lip syncing is poor, and most bodies are identical (and the character creation system allows no modification of the body).[/COLOR] [COLOR=red]The loot scaling system can have some contextual problems -- for example, a desperate bandit demanding 100 septims from you, whilst wearing Deadric armour or something similarly valuable. Many of the caves and dungeons are very similar, and certainly at lower levels when the loot is rather poor, they offer little to no incentive to actually progress through them once you've done a few. [/COLOR] The Graphical User Interface -- one of the biggest irritations for many. It is too 'consoley'; big, childlike icons, inflexible windows, enormous fonts... The graphics engine is awesome, but it must be the most inefficient engine ever to be built -- even the X-Box 360 struggles with it on occasion. Bethesda should speak with the guys at Valve about increasing the efficiency to make it a better option for anybody with anything less than a high-end PC. [COLOR=seagreen]The environmental graphics are excellent, truly awe-inspiring (especially with the texture soup modified out). The foliage, the natural lighting, the grass waving in the breeze, the weather and the cities are all believable. The environment changes as you travel, and you know that when you look at the mountains in the distance that you can actually clamber up to them -- they are not just set pieces! Even when you reach the borders of the world, the developers have taken the time to craft miles of actual terrain simply to provide a realistic scene beyond the explorable realm.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]The combat is excellent. Certainly better than Morrowind (as if it could get worse). Battles are strategic and believable, and it is often necessary to employ tactics to be victorious. Blocking attacks, predicting the right time to dig your blade in... all makes for a realistic fighting experience. Enemies seem, for the most part, to understand the basics of combat and provide a consistent challenge. Marksmanship can also be a rewarding style if you can get used to it. Level scaling, aside from the aforementioned loot problems, means that the world is consistently challenging and entirely open -- you do not have to 'grind' for hours to be able to go where you want, nor do you stumble across boring low-level areas that offer no challenge.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]The world is very much open, and offers a lot of exploration. The number of dungeons, caves and ruins is astounding, especially for someone such as myself who has always taken pleasure in exploration of old ruins, both in real life and in games. Some of the Elven ruins in particular are very entertaining and interesting, though the caves could use some variety. Stealth and, by extension thieving, are executed well. If you are very careful with a good amount of points in your stealth skill, you can sneak through entire dungeons without ever attacking or being attacked. Being a thief can be very entertaining and immersive, as you come up with various strategies whilst sneaking around in someone's house (e.g. should I take lots of light things, or a few heavy things?).[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]Quests are, for the most part, varied and interesting. They are nothing revolutionary, and tend to stick to the basic RPG framework that has existed for years ("go fetch", "go search", "go kill", "go deliver", etc). The fact that you can find quests virtually anywhere, and most are different enough to be entertaining, means that there are certainly hours of playtime involved.[/COLOR] [COLOR=seagreen]Character creation, aside from the lack of body adjustments, is amongst the best systems around at the moment. Though it is very tricky to get your character appearing exactly how you want, the sheer number of options available means that no two characters will ever be alike. [/COLOR][COLOR=seagreen]There are plenty of different classes available, and the ability to design your own class using the available skills and attributes is most certainly welcome. The lack of in-game stat management is an excellent thing -- the skills you use improve, the skills you don't use fall behind, exactly how it should be both in games and in real life. The ability to 'have a go' with your class during the training period and then change it before you leave is welcome.[/COLOR] Radiant AI -- people complain, but it does exactly what it says on the tin. NPCs have schedules, and if you choose to follow any one NPC you will see a unique daily routine, and you will often see then engage in (admittedly flawed) conversations with other NPCs. This, accompanied by the graphics, lends a 'living world' feeling to the game that has never been accomplished before. Mods. This game will be heavily modded, and has been already. These alone may help solve problems such as the GUI, and provide much extra content to the game for years to come. The inclusion of the construction kit allows players to customise the game to their liking with (some degree of) ease. I'll go with [COLOR=blue]8.0/10.0[/COLOR]. Awesome game; the lack of real choice in nearly all the quests (including the main quest) detracts heavily from the overall score, and brings into question its classification as an RPG. But it's certainly the pick of the crop at the moment -- we need more quality titles like this these days.


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11th November 2004

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#9 15 years ago

^ What he said but a 9.5


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9th October 2005

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#10 15 years ago

whoever said or says 7 and below needs to be smacked