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lyriks;2753860Gem One: This is an easy one. Go to the Imperial City Market District. Find the Mystique shop. He has one gem for sale. Four to go.

Gem's Two - Four: Your lock picking skills better be up to snuff now. Head to Arcane University. Best to go at night, you will be thieving. Go inside, and on the first floor there is a chest with three Gems inside. All are Grand gems, but I believe two of them are not empty. Take them all anyways. It’s a level 5 lock, so you’re going to have to work at it, but it’s worth the effort. Make sure no one sees you. Once you get it open, take them all.

Gem Five: Head to the Chorral Mage's Guild. Inside, there is a staircase, and display cases to the left and right. The one to the right looks tempting, three gems inside. None are grand though, save your picks. The one the left has one though. It's another level 5 lock, so good luck to you. Once you get this, you have five, but two probably aren't empty. No matter, the hard part should be over.

Gem Six: Head to the Bruma Mage's Guild now. Walk straight in and slightly to the left into their little shop. If the shopkeeper isn't there, wait for her. When she comes back, barter with her. She's got an empty gem. If you don't have money, you can try to pickpocket it off her, but I found it easier to just buy it.

Gem Seven: Head to the Cheydenhol Guild now. To your left and down the stairs, talk to the shopkeeper. Same as before, buy it, or try and pick it from her if you wish. Congradulations, you now have your five empties, and you’re probably a pro at lock picking by now. :lookaround:

Thanks for that, I wasn't able to find half of them myself and the tips really helped so thanks for the good work


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This is for The Vampire Cure I'm guessing?

And, Internet and/or game guide ftw.


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