MAjor bug on Cure for vamperism Solved -1 reply

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#1 11 years ago

Please read-----> Everyone that was unlucky and got the bug that wont let you talk to the count or when the argonian servant leads u no where. This solution is a real pain and took me a little bit to get it right. Also put 14,000 bounty on my head. Anywho try to drag the iguana servant to the secret door where you were supposed to go through. Knock that servant unconscious and drag her there or use illusion magic idc. But once your there right next to th secret entrance, for some people who don't know where it is Google it. Its right where the stair case starts outside up to the deck. once you get her ther she will say the count waits for you inside or whatever and the door will open. Walah.

All people that want to avoid this problem if haven't already try to stay as close to the servant as possilbe when she says to follow her and don't talk to her or get in her way at all!.

Mainly the problem was a stupid by Bethesda that made that servant go there and without collision detection. So which means if she hits something or if shes not close enough to you ur screwed.

I hope this helped -enduer

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