Questions about Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul -1 reply

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3rd February 2006

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#1 11 years ago

Hi there, I have decided to put my first mod into Oblivion, and I chose OOO because it won the Best Mod prize. It was a long journey for me, lots of reading, especially since I had a level 22 savegame I didnt want to lose, but I think I managed to install it ok, updated the save ok, and Oblivion seems to work fine. I think I managed to load it ok, in the 'data' options at startup, I checked the 'oblivion' box, and also the 'oscuro's oblivion overhaul' box as well (I also patched OOO v1.3 to v1.31). The only problem is: after playing for a while (maybe half an hour), I cant seem to see any changes. Is there anything that should happen to my character or the world around me immediately after OOO is installed? Or will I notice the changes in the details while I play longer? Also, is there any kind of list I could look at to show how the NPC and creature levels now relate to my level? Im level 22, so which creatures will be 'beneath' me, and which will still be tough sons of bitches:D ? And another thing, it says in the readme that Living Economy wasnt included in the 'Full' version, and it has been included in v1.3, but how can I get it to work? Lots of questions I know, any help would be greatly appreciated.