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#201 9 years ago

Wait until some time in the middle of the day, usually after 8 AM. At night, they'll be in their beds and talking to them will be considered trespassing since you have to break into their quarters.

Just wait until 10 AM or so, and the count should come out and sit on his throne like usual.

Also, I suppose it's pretty obvious, but if you don't want to bother with the whole Vampire Cure quest, buy the Deepscorn Hollow expansion pack. There is a really easy way to cure vampirism once you own the place.


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#202 9 years ago

Are u sure? cuz ive been there time after time again and no one is ever there. I'll go check now, but it seems like its stuck at the part where he is greiving over his dead wife, and the steward wont go get him. but thanks a lot i hope it works :)


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#203 9 years ago

Eh on PS3 there is a glitch and when you want to give her the blood grass it doesn't show up and if u click on it she just talks bout where to find it and crap =/ most anooying glitch ever -.-


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#204 9 years ago

OMG guys just watch this video it clears up everything

stuff your soul gems:)

YouTube - Oblivion: A Very Quick Way To Cure The Vampire Disease