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#1 2 months ago

We love GZDoom mods, and the latest to catch our attention is a new mod for Doom 2 called Total Chaos, a total conversion which sees a brand new story, environments, weapons and more brought to the classic first person shooter.

It is set on an abandoned, creepy island which was heavily mined for coal and other minerals, and naturally as the story progresses it transpires that not everything is as it first seems. It's a pretty decent fit for the Halloween season, but regardless is a pretty impressive technical feat for a game that is 24 years old. There's six chapters of story to explore, but expect a challenge, as ammo and other drops are sparse, and a focus on melee combat features heavily, with pickaxes, tireirons, shivs and garden tools being the primary weapons of choice, according to the mod's creator.

Total Chaos Gameplay - Decay - Mod DB

As you can see, the game is graphically very impressive for a game that is based on the Doom 2 engine, pushing the technical limitations of the engine, although GZDoom does allow these enhancements, it's really impressive nonetheless.

You can download the mod now from our sister site, ModDB, here.

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#2 2 months ago

Amazing this is a mod for Doom 2, for a second I thought this was a mod for Half-Life or something. GZDoom really came a long way in allowing this stuff to happen.