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9th July 2003

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#1 15 years ago

This is a sweet new half-life mod on the revolutionary war its currently in stage 1.2

Heres some details :deal: :

Upon joining a game of BG, you'll have a choice of two teams to join.

1. The Royal British Army 2. The Colonial United States Continental Army

When joining the Royal British Army, you'll be able to choose from 7 classes:

Light Infantry - Royal Infantry Medium Infantry - Fusilier Heavy Infantry - Deutscher Soldat (Hessian) Sharpshooter - Rifleman Medic - Field Doctor Officer - Royal Commander Indian - Iroquis

When joining the colonial United States Continental Army, you'll also be able to choose from 7 classes:

Light Infantry - Continental Solider Medium Infantry - Minute Men Heavy Infantry - Français Guerrier (French) Sharpshooter - Militia Medic - Field Doctor Officer - Battlefield Officer Indian - Huron

BG will feature 4 Game modes in Beta 1:

Line Battle (LB): This is the gamemode you probably know from the historical movies: all forces are lined up in rows and then wait for the fire command. After some times of repeating reloading and firing they charge and attack with short range weapons like bayonet, saber or knife. The battle will end after a certain amount of time and the team with the most people alive wins.

Possesion (Poss): There are several points spread over the map that have to be held by one team to win. The point is lost if an enemy moves over the flag or if the player who captured the point dies. After all points are captured all plyaers respawn in their base.

Rescue the Pow (POW): PoW = Prisoner of War One team has to defend the prison where the enemy PoWs are kept for a time that the mapper can set. The other team has to free their team mates. After freeing the PoWs their team mates can give them weapons and ammiunition. The PoWs have to get to an extraction point. The round is won if a vertain amount of PoWs reach the extraction point. But points are also gained if the PoWs are rescued. All PoWs are human players and not computer controlled.

Capture the Base (CTB): One team has to defend their base that is normally protected be several installations.These installation have to be destroyed by the other team before capturing the base or make the way into the base shorter and easier. The other team has to hold a point in the base for a certain amount of time to win the round.

There will be useable cannons and some really huge ships in BG.

The hud has a health and a stamina bar. This stamina bar holds enough stamina to jump 2 times and refills in about 10-20 seconds depending if the player is running or standing still.

Ive played the game myself and it looks pretty impressive so maybe some of you guys should go ahead and check it out :cya: *edit* DOH! almost forgot heres a link to d/l it *edit*



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#2 15 years ago

sweet man :)