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9th December 2002

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#1 16 years ago

ok... i use netscape mail, MSN mail, and a few others, but the only two i have problems with are netscape and MSN.

i use outlook express (only when i have to cuz i hate it, but so far it works best) and it works great for my MSN account, even tho the program has like nothing to offer its users (IE: vacation msgs, generally just he bells & whistles) REGARDLESS of that fact, i cant access my Netscape mail from there, and being a true american i want to be able to do it all in one program without having to check 2-3 sites for my e-mail. getting to the point, i need the HTTP server for Netscape, netscape's tech support costs $30 and i WONT pay them for what should be given happily. i cant just stop using Netscape b/c its my BF1942 clan mail, and i want to keep it separate from my personal (msn) if anyone wants to help out and give me the HTTP server for netscape id greatly appreciate it.

PS. in case i lost you, i want to be able to check my MSN and netscape mail all in one program: outlook (or if possible, i dled Eudora and want to use that)

PPS I also need the MSN HTTP Server for something other than outlook if ya'll can help me out on that, ppl make it so damn hard to contact tech support, that it makes it a lot easier to just not use e-mail :P