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16th January 2003

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#21 17 years ago

Originally posted by alx_gen no offence but you're being slightly silly...ok so its not good one solider is dying everyday but lets just sit back and think a while. The US and George W Bush started this war, ok? Now if your so nieve as to think that War doesn't eqaul some death on both sides then ur thick. Come on now, u started the war, u expect some of ur men to die. NB i aint supporting the killings of US militia, im just saying its war, its going to happen. and on the point of the lootin stuff, why didnt the US army secure the museums etc and concentrate on keep Iraq stable rather then securing the Oil Wells, which aint gunna get looted my friend? Jack Mehoff; there is/was no frim prove that Iraq and Saddam had WMD. Qouted from http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=13898; "In its most recent report, the International Atomic Energy Agency categorically declared that Iraq no longer has a nuclear program" Also the US had no prove of his WMD else they wud have obviously showed it, maybe in secret to the UN Sec Council and they would definatly have shown it by now to get people to support them.

That's my point though, this just isn't a war. I mean the Iraqi people didn't declare war on us, and we went through Iraq with ease. But the war's been over for months and Americans are dying everyday just 'cos Bush hasn't established a government yet. He had no problem touching the oil first ;) but he should have made a government/police force.

edit: and if I sound silly you'll have to excuse me, I do get a lil tired of arguing the same thing over and over. I really should stop since it's a clash of opinions and everytime there's 1 person that comes along who wants his respected but won't respect others' :rolleyes:


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16th July 2003

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#22 17 years ago

Well it's nice to see a healthy debate, but the truth of the matter is that both sides are not going to back down until there is concrete proof on either side. The only reality is that the Law has been broken and someone has to be held responsible, that law is the international law that was signed by 90% of the international community including the US in that no nation can invade another for the reason of a change of government, no proof of WMD have been found or will ever be found, but the truth is the Bush administration only wanted to scratch of one of the nations that was on its "axis of EVIL" from possesing anything that would rival the US as the Russians had in the past. The US admistration has turned into a modern day equivelant of Empirialistic Europe that died long ago. I for one was very proud of my goverments stance on this conflict which put us at odds with our neughbors to the south but I say WHO CARES if it means not breaking a law that was signed in good faith. oh and to all of those that believe in Bush's saying either your with us or against us is a complete and total moron!!!!!!