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5th March 2003

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#1 15 years ago

I remember a day.... You had to register as a Beta Tester... Pass certin criteria to be a Beta tester.... Be accepted as a Beta tester.... Had a responsibility as a Beta tester....

Now, everytime a Program has a problem with XP a "window" opens up and wants me to report the error to Microsoft.

I hit OK..... being the Beta Tester I used to be.....

Actually, I like XP.... it is better (or beta) than the past OS's. I have a liking to it, yup, yup..... 'cept the stupid smiling dogs.

But I sure would like to get $1.00 credit for everytime I help fix their Bugs.... Or at least a "THANKS BUDDY!"

Gee.... I hate solving the problems of the World.......

But I didn't mind it as a Beta Tester.