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8th November 2007

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#1 13 years ago

I know how to export my movies online. The problem is, is after I'm done editing my movie, I export it at "High" quality and do further editing and title sequences in "Windows Movie Maker." After the meddling I do in there, the film is complete; I'm just not sure if someone is able to export a "Movies" film that is further edited in another program such as "Windows Movie Maker" to "The Movies Files" FileFront site.:confused: If anyone knows how to do this, anyone at all, I'd really appreciate the input and help and would be ever so grateful.:bows: If you can send me a message, you can reach my email at [email protected] .com.


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20th October 2007

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#2 13 years ago

I'd like to know how this works too, but only out of curiuosity, I don't concern myself with getting my work onto the usual sites where everybody else has their movies posted. I would rather do what is not considered the norm, but, this does not mean I want everybody to do things the way i do things.

Have you asked anyone on that site what their policies are concerning films that were meddled with outside of the boundaries of the MGame itself? Are these movies considered corrupted, not within the rules, counterfeits of some kind? Hey, I work in television. I am LIVING THE GAME every time I do something in television. so, I dwell in my own little "studio lot" every time I work in that medium. Does this disqualify me from playing what is a mere game? Or does this give me more leverage, more respectability, more prestige? I have helped make a feature length movie (that no one has heard of; and btw - don't ask, it's not important) so, am I out of the picture? Am I too advanced. Is my resume so profound that I will not be given the opportunity to become an employee? Do I leave the game? Am I not worthy? In fact, I understand the game better because of what I am, the experience I have, and the talents the Creator has given to me. (That last one is way off-topic, let's not get in to that touchy subject, please). So let's here what they have to say, I'd like to know myself what they accept and why they would reject. It would be interesting to know.