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#1 12 years ago

I need serious godlike help with this Pak Poker program. My files won't extract, there is no help section, and it seems every website I visit, every thing I google(as I was countlessly directed to) I cannot find a way to extract or modify anything. If I press any of the buttons like OPEN, EXTRACT, EXTRACT ALL, or EXTRACT SELECTED, it says "Unable to load Pak, Is it valid?" What kind of question is that?!?!? I feel like knifing my computer and it sends me into a homocidal rage everytime I try and fail. It's like theres a conspiracy and the whole world is against me. Everyone knows but me. All I wanna do is some custom sets, costumes and maybe if I can do some custom static scenery. No one will tell me how and I know hundreds of people roam these forums so it would be an outrage to have no posts on this thread within a minute. It's obviously possible with all the members there are. Someone please tell me how to do things, walk me through it like a baby, I don't care anymore I just want it to work.