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#1 12 years ago

Hi there :cya: I need a little help from some well-known peeps, uhm, well I downloaded some experience and staff mods online from filefront, and yes I've put them in my game folder (E:\Games\The Movies\Data\) as the Readme file told me to do.. Well, the problem is, that when I enter the game, the experience is still as low as normal and there is no more staff for hire than normal.. I even tried to start a new game and a new sandbox game, none of that works.. I have version 1.1 and I do not have the expansion which im sure is none of the problems, the mods should work without the expansion, or am I wrong? :confused: Well, does anyone know what's wrong, please let me know.. Well, I will check this thread every now and then, when I can find the time.. Or if you would, you could mail me, and I would answer you more likely.. Well, hope to hear from someone helpful, bye for now.. Ta-ta.. [E-mail: [EMAIL="Thomas@kaxe.de"]Thomas@kaxe.de[/EMAIL]] :deal: