1st exp. with drugs/alcohol #2! 7 replies

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29th January 2004

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#1 14 years ago

Just tell us what your first experience was like with drugs and/or alcohol. I first smoked pot in 9th grade, at a friend's house before school, i can't really remember much of what i did, but it was quite the experience. Maybe a month ago, i tried mushrooms, OH EM EF GEE is all i can really say, the greatest feeling. The first half hour-hour was the craziest, me and a couple of friends were downtown, i was nautious and stuff, but when i'd listen really hard to what people were saying, i could kidna silence the other poeople out to listen to one. Then we went to the transit center to catch a bus up to my friend's house, i lay down in the grass, and it looked like there was an earthquake, cause the grass was waving up and down. Then, there were wierd pictures on the bus, and stuff, and i ate, and i like pink floyd more.

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9th August 2003

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#2 14 years ago

drugs are bad, mmmkay? pph...I made a really long post on my drug experiences somewhere, but I'm too lazy to dig it up. I had bad drinking problems back in South Africa. At parties I would get drunk beyond the point of feeling good. I felt nothing. I was amusing for everyone else, but I hated myself. One of my friends recorded it and stuck it onto the graduation cd, even though I had asked him not to. Fuck, it was humilitating. I started a diet that forbade me alcohol, at least in vast quantities. Haven't been drunk since. I've only ever touched weed otherwise. It was always in secure locations and with friends. Heck, we used to do it at LANs. CS is just so much funnier on weed..... But I stopped that almost 4 years ago. Again, haven't been high since, unless you count being a jittery caffeine wreck, then I'm high every day.


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17th June 2002

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#3 14 years ago

My first experience with drink? I picked some up, put it in my mouth, swallowed. Nothing particularly amazing there. I think it was at a Christmas party or something. I don't recall ever being so drunk that I can't remember what I did (though that would be the point, wouldn't it?), nor throwing up, lying on the floor unconscious, etc. I don't like the experience of losing control that comes with mild drinking, much less heavy drinking, so it never goes that far. My first experience with drugs? Never. They're illegal; I don't touch them.


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22nd September 2002

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#4 14 years ago

First time drunk at age 15 on some Gin I stole and added some juice :) Went and played baseball afterwards. What a blast that was. Alcohol was the very 1st drug I ever tried. Damn gateways drugs ;)

First toked at age 17 cruising around in a buddys 400 HP 69 Camaro :) Rode around looking for street races. Yeah we were stupid.

Tried a micro dot (acid) at age 21, didn't like it. Yes I saw the wall melt a little, it was very very weird and not a feeling I liked.

Tried speed once. F-THAT shit. Why on earth anyone would want to have that feeling all day/night is beyond me.

Same with sugar, did not like that feeling. (EDIT) stay far far away from any female who does this shit ;)

Hard drugs are bad, they get you nowhere. I seen some messed up shit it does to people who have addictive personalities.


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2nd September 2004

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#5 14 years ago

Yeah.. great thread.. Well I never took drugs, because its stupid. And althought i drank some beer or a little bit of wine when i was yougner my first "heavy drinking" experience happened 2 years ago when me and my friends decided to do a huge party. I think I drank something like 3 smirnoff ice, a couple of shooters of various origins and 7 to 9 budweisers (most horrible beer ever). I only have good souvenirs of this, except that i felt bad for a week because i didn't vomit.

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28th November 2003

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#6 14 years ago

First time I got drunk was in my early 16's. We just walked to a lake with a shitload of beer and had a good time. I've only puked once while beeing drunk, and that was not because I drank too much. Tip: never try snus for the first time while your drunk. You just can't stop it when you're starting to feel ill ;r. The funny thing is when I puked I was on the subway. Me and two friends was talking, then right out of nowhere I puked on the floor. We just sat there starring at my freshly made pizza for like 10 secs then we started to laugh so we cried. Then we just picked up the conversation again :lookaround:.

Never done drugs.

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4th May 2005

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#7 14 years ago

[color=black]Oh, geez...where to start...[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]Cigarettes, age 7: stole a pack of smokes from my mother, skipped school and smoked the whole pack...was sick for three days.[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]Alcohol, age 11; a few beer, burped a lot, got dizzy, barfed, hated it.[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]Weed, age 13; sat at a friend's place, listened to Def Leppard, chilled out, talked about girls, went home, with a song stuck in my head ("Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping, into the future..."). Good experience, as have been all my weed encounters. Don't do it much anymore, though.[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black](Parsley, age 15; on a dare..damn those dares. Nothing happened, except my friend's dad came home and we got in deep shit becuz he was convinced he smelled weed. Fucking poetic...)[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]Lidocaine, age 17; injected myself with a 300CC syringe of it, first and only time I've ever injected anything, on a dare; sound faded from the universe, and it felt as though I was the size of an ant...never did that again. Dumb, dumb, dumb.[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]Cocaine, age 18; for two months, then quit for good; paranoid delusions, no appetite, 3 hours of sleep a night, delusions of grandeur; coming down was like falling into a deep pit of misery, and by the second month I had to do twice as much coke to achieve half of the high. Lost just about everything I owned and my job. Simply horrible stuff...vicious, nasty drug.[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]Mushrooms, age 19; took a bunch, never saw anything strange--watched a movie which wasn't funny but laughed my ass off anyway. Haven't tried it since.[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]'Speed,' age 22; actually dextroamphetamine for sleep deprivation experiment--got 16 hours sleep over 30 days, massive hallucinations, constant buzzed feeling, like forty cups of coffee; insightful, regarding the lack of REM sleep and its effects on the conscious mind, but also terrifying and just plain freaky. Don't recommend that to anyone, won't do that agin. Couldn't even finish the report--I ate all my notes...[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black]Various pills, way too many to list, from age 20 to 25; all of them were schlock. Never tried crack, or herion, and do not intend to. I was going to try acid--well, peyote--after reading some stuff by Huxley, but a friend of mine developed schizophrenia after his first acid trip, which has kept me away from it...I'm crazy enough, don't want to risk further insanity.[/color] [color=black] [/color] [color=black][/color]

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8th May 2002

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#8 14 years ago

Let's try to remember where we are and our age please and that 'drugs' are illegal and so is under-aged drinking.

I understand you like to talk about your 'experiences' but you must remember this is a forum of all age groups. You might see it as a warning of "not to do" but some people might see it as something different.

From now on there are to be no discussion's related to drinking underage. No talk's about your 'drug experiences'. Let's keep this forum clean. I know it's in the pub and this is the correct forum related to your life experience', however in this case these simple discussion's can have negative effects's on people.

Thanks for understanding.