60 Yr Old Pilot Dies on Trans-Continental Flight 2 replies

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#1 11 years ago
NEWARK, N.J. - The pilot of a Continental Airlines flight from Brussels to Newark died over the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday, but the jet landed safely with two co-pilots at the controls.

60-year-old Continental pilot dies in flight - News- msnbc.com Tragic news indeed but had it not been for the 2 co-pilots and the relief pilot on the plane it could've been worse.


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#2 11 years ago

Awesome job, the passengers didnt even know about it.

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9th December 2003

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#3 11 years ago

Meh, it must be shocking for the flightcrew and the family members of the pilot but it's not more then a "remarkable" story, not a shocking. Large and medium airplanes always have a pilot and a co-pilot or more and airplanes are higly automated so the risk of an airplane being doomed due to the crew passing away is extremely small (smaller then a convental accident I'd guess).

Now if it was a small (private) plane, perhaps there they may fly with only one pilot so then yes it could potentially be nasty because of the risk of said pilot passing away or being unabled to continue flight for various other reasons (passing out, injury etc.).