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3rd August 2002

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#31 10 years ago

Monster_user;4847296Oh come on! Most of them do not like the danger of it, they just understand that it comes with the "territory".

They want control. When a person is addicted to drugs, they become desperate. They become slaves to the drug, and thus to the provider of the drug. This gives the drug lord power.

I used to mess with drugs back in the 80's but I quit because it was becoming too dangerous and I wanted a normal lifestyle away from hiding from cops and all the other things related to it.

Same as booze...it took me a little longer to break this because I could buy it at a store legal(drink at home) and avoid the hassel. But I finally got tired off this too and stopped on my own will.


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14th August 2004

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#32 10 years ago
amoreelitesoldier;4846852I assume it was you who neg rep'd me because we share different opinions? How mature of you. :rolleyes: Microsoft and Coca-Cola are legitimate companies who sell legitimate products; drugs cartels are neither respectable nor do they sell anything we need. I'll go back to my original view: We need to stop pussy-footing and use our full law enforcement capabilities to catch the drugs on our side, and offer military assistance to Mexico to help handle things on their side. Mexico is obviously incapable of policing its citizenry.

Nope, I didn't neg you.

My point was not that drugs are sold as legitimate companies, but that closing the border would not stop the flow into the country. I think if people recognised that drugs are not going to be totally eradicated, more money would go towards rehabilitating people who want to turn their lives around. Money could go into keeping a quality control on things like cannabis, stopping the additives that the drug dealers use to pad out their supply. If it was made legal, maybe more people would be able to seek help without fear of arrest.