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8th November 2004

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#21 13 years ago

I used to go to school with guys like that when I was 11/12, they want to frighten you, they want you to be scared of them, they need someone to make them look big and hard.

My best advise is just ignore it, or play along saying such comments as 'ha ha you're a funny guy', they soon get bored and move onto someone else. You could try befriending the guy...


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13th March 2005

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#22 13 years ago

I suppose his just some little prick who likes to irritate people. I've got alot of them where I go. Hell, one of them is my friend (but at least he tries to be nice while doing it). I suggest going to the headmaster or some other supervisor and telling them, it always works when I do it. :)

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7th December 2003

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#23 13 years ago

I am not a very violent person but I have to say that at my time at school I only really got rid of bullies after fighting with them. You don't have to beat him up or injur him, a quick punch and some harsh words usually show them that you are not an easy victim. This worked for me, as I don't know this person I can't really say if you will get the same results. I also tried other strategies, like ignoring them, going to teachers for help or talking it over. Nothing helped because bullies usually aren't very bright. Of course you should wait until he attacks or insults you before you strike back. If you try to talk to him and tell a teacher about this you will also have the benefit of a good conscience as you exploited all other possibilites.

Another strategy which might bring you some peace would be to laugh about it. Clap him on the shoulder and congratulate him to his great bullying-ideas. It might just confuse this idiot so much that he will stop until he figures out what is going on :)

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16th January 2004

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#24 13 years ago

best thing is to provoke him in to starting a fight in front of the camera, and kicking his arse in that fight. you can't be blamed, because it's self defence, and he gets 'double' punishment; the school punishment for starting a fight, and getting his arse whooped.


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16th March 2005

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#25 13 years ago

If only self defence was a valid defense around here. Either way I'd just say defend yourself, the second he puts something metalic or otherwise in yourface, that is the time to react, preferably by a quick hit to the arm to move it out of your vision, and/or a jab to the stomach. If he persists, or fights back, there is the excuse your looking for to beat the shit out of him. He'll get the blame for provoking you, aswell as the fight.



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4th October 2004

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#26 13 years ago

If he ever does the lighter-flick again, there is a simple way of retaliating that no-one can call into question. If you look at your wrist, you'll notice there are two tendons slightly off-center towards your thumb side. These two control grip and finger holding. Make a fist and slide the knuckle of your middle finger forward, so that it portrudes out from your fist. Now, popping someone right between those two tendons, right at the top of the wrist (just below where the hand ends) will trigger a funny-bone like pain and make them incapable of holding anything in their hand. This is especially effective when someone is already holding something in their hand, as the tendons will then be stretched taught. Try it on yourself, even lightly, and if you get it right you will know. If the prick flicks a lighter in your face, just pop him right there and he will drop the lighter and be in pain. Then just walk away, and no-one can accuse you of anything greater than self defense.

Alternatively, if you're worried about that messing up, here's an interesting bit of trivia. It takes a second for the metal to heat up, so if you just smack him in the hand the second he pulls it in your face, you will not get hurt at all. In fact, since he will be holding the lighter relatively high in his hand (so he can flick it with his thumb) , chances are you will just knock it away.

Either way, don't take any course of action that will cause a conflict longer than about 1 blow. I was pretty prone to fighting in middle school (thankfully I quit that phase a few years ago) and it does NOT look good to teachers. As people have advised, don't go for any 'offensive' blows (eyes, groin, etc.) and stick just to defensive (hand, gut) that will result in minimal conflict before you can just walk away.

DO NOT try to stage anything in front of a camera, too much can go wrong. Even if he deserves it, trying to stage stuff in front of a camera might backfire in multiple ways (you being accused of provoking a fight, people blocking a camera and it appearing like you instigated it, etc.). It also leads to prolonged fights, which are BAD. Trust me (my personal experience), trying to get stuff on camera is as likely to fail and to succeed.

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9th December 2003

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#27 13 years ago

Violance never is the answer, I would pretend he would simply be thin air and walk right past (through) them. Hopefully he would see you are not intimidated with his monkey behaviour and either give up or even come to question what (and why) he is doing all this. The latter might be too much asked but if he feels he is ignored there isn't much he can "do".

Do not take any action yourself except for the "paper trail" (informing others), he is the one that is hostile not you.